Quality Engineering In Action: A Panel Discussion with Anders and Venkat

Experiment technology. Be a critic. We use software a whole lot
than we think, and we need #Quality !

Join Anders Dinsen and Venkat Ramakrishnan in an interesting
discussion about Software Quality, in which they will talk about
how stakeholder expectations shape the definition of Quality in
context. We will deal in depth on who the stakeholders are!

Register and spread the word! :

This crowdcast is organized by Ministry Of Testing, Bangalore.

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Can’t wait for this! Nice Friday Lunchtime treat!

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Thanks! We look forward to have you in the crowdcast. Don’t forget to register for the event at the link!

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Speakers update: @andersdinsen
won’t be able to join us on Friday. [@jess_ingrass] https://twitter.com/jess_ingrass) from New York, and @hiteshkhodani from Toronto will be joining us for the
@ministryoftest #Bangalore / #Bengaluru April 9th Meetup!

Register here: https://crowdcast.io/e/quality-engineering-in…

Please spread the word!