Quick trick for input fields

A read a while ago about a nice trick for input fields.
I know you will probably say that it is clear, obvious and that you always use it…but just in case you did not know it have a look at the below video.

Spoiler: The trick is to provide a space or a series of spaces instead of letters and numbers. Might seem harmless but it can harm :slight_smile:

Try it out in your applications - Found the bug in almost all the input fields in the lastest app I checked


You could do a video on zero-width-space! I think it would be helpful for many users. Since it can crashes apps, cause deadlocks or return stack traces.

  • Open Dev tools
  • Click on Console
  • Type:


  • Go to your input field and paste it
  • Submit your form

It’s an empty space which is often saved and not validated either. Which causes many many many issues! :slight_smile: