Reporting automated and manual test results in one place - looking for options


do you have any proven setups for reporting manual and automated tests in one place (let’s say for a given component release) that you can share?
We currently use JIRA, Selenium+TestNG, and Jenkins.

Thanks in advance!

We use TestRail to record the outcome from our tests.

I’m assuming this is what you meant?

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We use Test Rail, and then after that I created a table in Confluence which details amount run manually and automated and then the percentage for each regression/release.

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thank you, is there any recommended open source alternative?

Alternative: If you have a Zero-Bug Policy, the bugs themselves are the reporting.

You mitigate double-work (reporting test results and reporting bugs) and improve, ceteris paribus, quality of the product.

For those using TestRail, do you report results of automated checks via TestRail API or manually?

Also, do you trigger automated checks from Testrail? i think there’s an option to do that but we haven’t yet set it up, would be awesome, though.