Resources For Games Testing

We’re revamping the Resources for Software Testers section of the Dojo as some of you may know.

A recent email came in to us asking for help with games testing. This is something I was also asked quite a while ago by a friend of mine as part of her University course. I was stumped. It’s not an area I’m familiar with myself. I offered some guidance about testing ideas in general but I couldn’t offer much to help with games testing specifically.

So, can anyone help? What resources would you recommend for software testers who are particularly interested in games testing?

Maybe you don’t necessarily have links to resources but you have insight based on your experience. Could you share that too?


So as a huge part of games testing comes down to the user experience and whether it’s fun or not, I found it really useful to read ‘A Theory of Fun’ by Ralph Koster. It’s aimed more at designers but there’s bits and pieces we can take away from it