Restful API Conformance Testing

Dear Friends, One of my friend created an automated conformance test suite engine. It basically takes YAML file as an input and created hundreds of conformance testcases for both client side and server side. If anyone is interested to know more or give it a try let me know! It can save lots of time and improve efficiency. And, any other suggestion or referral of similar tool that can do will be appreciated as well.

I’d be interested in it! Assuming it takes an OpenAPI definition in YAML? Any possibility for JSON as well?

Under what license will it be available?

I believe we can convert from JSON to YAML using external tool. Please let me know if you are interested to talk; i will introduce and i am sure you will be happy.

Please send email to if you are interested, i will provide intro as applicable. Recently they provided for a use case to one of the customer and the documentation below has details to your question.

They are pretty open to give it to community for trying it out.