Reviewing CVs: Who do you ask for help?

Inspired somewhat from an earlier discussion on The Club “What is Your Goal For November 2020? - #7 by heather_reid”, I thought it might be a good time to ask:

Who do you ask for help when you want your CV reviewed? Do you have a group of people you can turn to or is this something you feel you need help with?

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Depends from what PoV. Last year I had to basically create a CV as I hadn’t looked for a job in 7 years and had nothing on it in relation to tech or testing. Linkedin was quite helpful as it has tips and a resume making section which exports to a PDF format which is a start. I got my husband to review my CV as I was in the unique position where we had worked together for those 7 years.

I was also very lucky as the Testing Peers Podcast were literally doing episodes about CVs, Cover letters and interviews at the time I was looking for a new role

This really inspired me to write a cover letter which I think helped a bunch with the process.

I am not sure who I’d ask in the future, possibly ex colleagues with an eye for detail. I’m currently offering lots of ex colleagues to proof read theirs in more of a sense check/ spell checker capacity. It is always good to get a second option to make sure you aren’t underselling/overselling yourself.


Glad the podcast episode helped Louise! Thanks for the plug!