Day 10: Share your up-to-date CV and seek feedback or offer feedback to someone else's post

It’s day 10 of the :seedling:30 Days of Career Growth! Today we’re encouraging you to take the next step in enhancing your CV-building skills. After diving into the insightful panel discussion on “Creating CVs That Get Noticed” in yesterday’s task, it’s time to put your learnings into action. :muscle::memo:

Day 10 Task

  1. Review, update and refine your CV based on the insights and tips you gained from the panel discussion on Day 9 of :seedling:30 Days of Career Growth.
  2. Share your up-to-date CV by replying to this post on The Club forum and seek feedback from the community on your CV (Be sure to redact any personal info you’d like to keep private, e.g. contact details etc.) :outbox_tray:
  3. Offer feedback to someone else’s CV post. Engage in constructive discussions to help each other improve and stand out in the competitive job market. :speech_balloon::email:
  4. Implement the valuable feedback you receive into refining and enhancing your CV further.:sparkles:

NB: If you’re not in a position to share your CV right now, then taking part in step 3 will still bring value to you and the community :handshake:

Why complete this task?

  1. Implement learnings from Day 9: Building on the knowledge and tips you gained from the insightful panel discussion on “Creating CVs That Get Noticed” on Day 9, you can practically apply those strategies and learnings while sharing or reviewing CVs.
  2. Receive valuable feedback: Sharing your up-to-date CV with the community provides an opportunity to receive constructive feedback. Others can offer insights and suggestions that can help you improve your CV and make it more impactful.
  3. Gain different perspectives: By offering feedback to someone else’s CV, you can develop a critical eye and learn from the strengths and weaknesses of others’ resumes. This exposure to diverse perspectives can broaden your understanding of effective CV-building strategies.
  4. Boost your confidence: Sharing your CV and engaging with others can provide confirmation of your skills and expertise, reinforcing your confidence in your abilities as a software tester. Additionally, receiving positive feedback or constructive suggestions can further boost your confidence in your CV-building skills.

I need some time for this may be 2-3 days at least. So I can help if someone needs a suggestion for review as of now.


I’d gladly look at some CVs if anyone would like :+1:t3:


Am I the only one who kind of feels weird about sharing their resume online even if everything is anonymized? XD (it may be a me problem, if you really want to see it, then I can share it in private, fully anonymized)

I’m happy to review resume’s (even in private)! :slight_smile:


You’re most likely not the only one who wouldn’t be comfortable with this task but then there will be others who’ll see as a slight extension of their LinkedIn page. I imagine all tasks in this 30 Days could be uncomfortable for some, it’s a very personal subject. However, as with every 30 DoT, folks can dip in and out of them and contribute where they feel comfortable or where they feel there’s value for them. I am grateful for everyone who has contributed so far and have learnt so much. Thank you to you too for all your contributions :raised_hands:


Hello at everyone. I’m share with you my cv
Georgios_Georgiou_CV_En_Associate QA Engineer.pdf (303.0 KB)


resume copy.pdf (69.7 KB)


Bismal’s Resume.pdf (670.1 KB)
kindly review and share your feedback

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here is my resume, kindly review and share your feedback
Resume of Kulsum Siddique.pdf (126.6 KB)

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Hi @glgeorgiou,

Thanks for sharing your CV. Hope this feedback helps. And I also hope it helps others too.


Hi @zali ,

I’ve had a look at your resume and captured this video. Hope it helps.


Hi Simon,

Thank you for your time taking to do all this feedback by using a video recording. I aggree in both of your proposals about putting some enthusiam about testing and some achievements in each position of my work history.
I was suprised about your proposal about a community section in which i could put some people or other kind of resources regarding testing that i follow and help me to grow my skills in testing area. It is the first time i heard about this piece of info i may put into my cv but ok, i’ll take it into consideration.
Thank you again for your time and efford.


Thanks so much! This video feedback was more than I ever expected from posting my resume. I’m going to add some edits to the summary and make a few additional changes to the experience to make the resume seem more personal and unique. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Hi @bismal_majeed ,

I’ve shared some feedback on your resume. I hope it helps.

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Hi, Here is my resume link, and thanks for taking the time to review it
If this hyperlink does not work you can copy that link and paste it into Google it will work definitely.

Hi @kulsum_siddique.

Hopefully this video of feedback is helpful.


2023_06-resume-qa-forMoT.pdf (96.2 KB)

Hi everyone, here is my resume, will appreciate any feedback.
Tihraqua_Alhussein_Software_Testing_Arabic_Resume.pdf (86.5 KB)

wow Simon, thank you soo much for going through my resume and sharing a through review. It is really helpful for me, definitely, I was hesitant to share my resume out in the open but its worth it. I am glad to be part of this community, how helpful everyone is, thank you :blush:


@simon_tomes @mahatheed @simienrigler @kristof - Appreciate if you can kindly review my resume and let me know for any improvements. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated and will help me in my career.
I am catching up on the 30 days of testing and will be looking to contribute for each of the days in the coming weeks.
Karuna Kollipara (KK) - Test Manager.pdf (186.1 KB)