Accelerate Your Career: Join the 30 Days of Career Growth Challenge!

Get ready to boost your software testing career! Join us for the 30 Days of Career Growth challenge, launching on June 1st 2023. Designed exclusively for testers like you, this 30-day campaign is packed with inspiration, learning, and community connections.

What is 30 Days?

Over the course of 30 days, you’ll participate in a variety of simple, short daily tasks to help you grow. From sharing your goals and favourite career success stories to attending insightful webinars and mastering new techniques, this challenge provides a platform for continuous learning and improvement.

Who Can Take Part in This?

Everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this challenge offers a roadmap for personal and professional growth.

How Can I Take Part?

Head on over to the 30 Days of Testing Category on The Club forum, click on the bell icon on the right and select “Watching First Post” button. You’re now set to go! You’ll receive notifications of the daily challenges throughout June.

Accelerate Your Career_ Join the 30 Days of Career Growth Challenge!

Why Take Part?

Here are some additional benefits of participating in the 30 Days of Career Growth Challenge:

  • You’ll learn new skills and knowledge that will help you in your career.
  • You’ll network with other software testers and build relationships that can help you advance your career.
  • You’ll get feedback on your resume, which can help you land your dream job.
  • You’ll set goals for your career and track your progress, which will help you stay motivated and on track.
  • You’ll feel good about giving back to the testing community. You never know who might read what you share and be inspired.

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, then sign up for the 30 Days of Career Growth Challenge today!


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