Day 16: Attend This Week in Testing and Discuss the importance of community in career growth

We’re over halfway through :seedling:30 Days of Career Growth! :tada: Today, you’re invited to attend “This Week in Testing” to discuss the importance of community in career growth.

This Week in Testing” is a weekly voice-only chat hosted by me, Simon Tomes (CommunityBoss). The show covers a wide range of topics related to software testing, including news, trends, and good practices.

In today’s episode, I’ll be discussing the importance of community in career growth. I’ll share my own experiences with how the community has helped me in my career, and I’ll invite others on to share their experiences.

You can listen in like a radio show or put yourself forward to come up on stage to join the conversation!

After the chat, post a reply to this topic that summarises your key takeaway from the chat.

I hope you enjoy today’s episode of “This Week in Testing”!


Wow, Friday at it’s best. Thank you Simon :blush:


Glad that its taking place on a Friday.


Key Takeaways:

  • the MOT community really is awesome
  • No matter how alone it seems you are, you’re actually not alone. There are probably a collection of people with experiences that are very similar to yours

Thanks to everyone who attended. We had 327 listeners, which is a staggering number! :tada:

Here are my notes from hosting the session and capturing what folks had to share on stage.

  • Community provides a perfect place for solo testers. It offers a sense of belonging to counter a feeling of isolation which can often be the case for solo testers.
  • 30-day challenges bring a sense of connection to a community and give you a boost in your career focus
  • There are so many useful resources shared by the community that you just wouldn’t find by yourself. It’s like having your own testing search engine.
  • A community like Ministry of Testing provides baby steps to contribute in more ways over time. You then end up giving back more than you take. Career growth comes from giving back and sharing with a community.
  • Joining an open-source community allows you to test technology that’s on the edge and bring that experience back to your workplace. This can give you the “x” factor.
  • Even if you’ve been in the career for 20 years it’s refreshing to hear other people’s perspectives. There is always something to learn. And always something to give back to the community.

I’m sure there’s plenty more I missed so feel free to continue to add to this thread.