Robot Framework Cookbook - you feedback is most welcome!


I am the owner and maintainer of Robot Framework Cookbook. Your feedback is most welcome and I can offer a mentoring service if you wish to contribute your own “recipe” to the community.

A curated list of delicious Robot Framework recipes that will help you develop new test automation scripts faster, especially for beginner or intermediate level engineers.

If you need help writing Robot Framework scripts or wish to update older scripts to use newer syntax then you have come to the right place. Here we will compile and maintain recipes of working Robot Framework scripts that can be used in your domain.

In the first part of the cookbook there are many simple recipes showing how to use builtin keywords and additional keywords from both internal and external Robot Framework libraries. Towards the back of the cookbook there are complete case studies demonstrating whole projects and test automation solutions.



Interesting recipes :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing !

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Looks like a lot of good information here. :+1:

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