Robot Framework Example

I recently completed a course at Udemy on Robot Framework by Bryan Lamb and found it useful.

After going through the examples that were provided I decided to create a repo with some simple examples.

I am interested to know if people use Robot Framework and how effective they find it?

I welcome any suggestions for improvement on my first attempt at using Robot Framework.


Hi @mranderson,

Your first exercice is a great try !

I can recommand:

  • Use significant suites name + variables + keywords (you did already)
  • Try to add assertions at the end of each test
  • Add [Setup] and [teardown] for each test or test suite (depending on the dependency you have between your tests)

I used Robot framework for almost 2 years for desktop application (using sikiuli library to locate images and autoit…)
Let me know if I can help you with something ?

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@emna_ayadi thank you taking the time to comment.


do you delete it by mistake ?

you are welcome! good luck, I like robotframework :slight_smile:
it’s easy and you can adapt it to many needs, see different libraries.

Looks like a great first try :ok_hand: I have done the same course/s and it obvious you picked up everything well from that course.

I would recommend splitting out your keywords from your locators and making use of a separate variables file also. I have an example as such here, though real world ended up a bit more complicated than that.

I would suggest digesting all the excellent documentation, it provides much more detail than Brian Lambs courses and will provide you with new and exciting ways of doing things, particularly as there has been a lot of changes since those courses were made!

I really enjoyed working with Robot Framework, unfortunately I no longer do.

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RobotFramework (RF) is a nice framework for automated tests, and I like its versatility with cross language support via the remote library server interface, and ecosystem of existing libraries. I haven’t had the opportunity to use it much however in my line of work.

I did do an example a while back to showcase how you can use Selenium page objects purely as Robot Framework files without any coding: GitHub - daluu/robotframework-simple-page-object-example: A simple example of page objects implemented as resource file for Robot Framework, converted from a Java test example.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at this and pointing me to your excellent suggestions.

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Thanks for your comment and pointing me to your example.

Checkout the Robot Framework Cookbook project. There are many working recipes available for experimentation and learning. Enjoy!

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