Salesforce Service Cloud application automation can be done?

I am a Salesforce Tester, and I want to automate my day-to-day tasks like creating records of the objects or the other flows in it.

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Seems this might be a good tool, specifically from Salesforce:
With relevant repositories:
GitHub - salesforce/utam-java: UTAM Java implementation
GitHub - salesforce/utam-js-recipes: Examples of testing with UTAM JavaScript
GitHub - salesforce/utam-java-recipes: Examples of testing with UTAM Java

Hey, thanks!
I am a Manual Tester and need some content which starts from basics, the second link was a bit helpful and understandable but I need some more detailed content. Can you please help me with the same?

Thereโ€™s no โ€˜manual testerโ€™ thing(like a learning disability) that blocks someone from learning and using tools.

You need to experiment using the guides from the readme of those repositories.
When youโ€™re blocked with something, ask specific questions through Google, an AI, or a forum/stackoverflow if itโ€™s complex.

Which part is unclear for you now from starting to follow the guide?