TestBash San Francisco - Salesforce Testers

(Taylor ) #1

Hey everyone,

Looking forward to this week!
For the last 6 months, I’ve been on a Salesforce project and I was looking to see if there were any others.

If you’re going to TestBash this week, I would love to discuss in-person:

  • What’s your project structure like? Is it agile or waterfall?
  • What are your thoughts on manual testing in SF?
  • Are you running any UI Automation tests/checks? If so what and how.
  • etc.

Excited to meet and talk with many of you!

(Testing Maven) #2

I’ll try to find you, I am in SF. We do TDD and have manual testers. My name is Val Lord and I’m one of the volunteers.

(Penny) #3

Yup. Been on data migration to Salesforce since March…
Would love to chat!

(Katie Hotard) #4

I’ve also done some data import from Salesforce into my software. Would love to chat. Are people meeting up today or tomorrow?