Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area

Hi :wave:

My name is Melinda Carreon

I’ve been a tester since 1998

I joined Ministry of Testing to get up to speed on the current trends in Software Testing. I am specifically interested in the future of Software, I’d like to get some insight into what methodologies are companies adopting, Are companies shifting left and getting dev more involved? What are other new methodologies that are gaining popularity?
I am also interested in learning more about the Test Bashes. Where can I find out about the content for upcoming Test Bashes?


Welcome Melinda to MOT.

For Event have a look at Ministry of Testing Events | MoT

For more questions you will find that you can always write to the MOT Bosses. They are very helpfull and nice.


Welcome to MoT! :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: You must have seen the testing industry change so many times! Insane!


TestBash UK:


Hi Melinda welcome to MOT.


I definitely have and it has changed back and forth alot too like 100% automation approach to more targeted automation approach and dedicated automation teams to functional testers owning automation and back. The changes never end but it’s good to keep evolving.

For the last 10 years I have been more on the project mgmt and process side so I have lost some hands on experience which is why I want to get plugged in here.


What are the MOT bosses and how do I write to them?

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