Screen Reader Manuscript

Hello folks, after listening to a really interesting talk at Accessibility Leeds recently by the Sky app team I was really interested by their use of a script (manuscript) to set expectations of the developers for a screen reader user.

I’m starting my first attempt for our application as we have new external developers and they don’t have much accessibility exposure. I’ve dabbled with both a manuscript style and a table style with Location (page), User Action (navigate, tab, select etc.) and Screen Reader Response (what the user hears including default language, edit, read only etc.)

I’d be interested to know if anyone else has used this technique or has any advice, templates etc. as it’s brand new to me and something I’ve not heard before. I have reached out to the Sky Team to see if they can share anything but not heard back as yet. Thanks all

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Could we open this up to anyone who does Screen Reader testing/evaluation and what you do to confirm the spoken words are what is expected?

Having now seen the Sky scripts they are focused on what elements should do rather than what will be said. So it is possible that no one has looked at documenting the requirements in quite this way before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.