Screen Recorder feedback welcomed

(Juan Ramon) #1


Very happy to join this community! I was once a QA tester and always wanted to contribute back to the community.

A friend and I have delivered a first iteration of a free, simple and ultra versatile screen recorder. It is a Chrome extension called Recordable (

I can think of many scenarios that pertain to a QA tester. For example, there is value in recording the customer journey where you’ve captured a bug and write detailed step by step notes to complement the defect report.

We want to evolve Recordable based on user input. It would be super if you can provide feedback in our public Trello board

Thank you!

(Andy Carrington-Chappell) #2


Happy to help if I can, let me chat with my test team and see if this could be of use. @jacqui22_1990 … did you want to give this a trial run initially and then perhaps we can see if it suits the teams requirements?


(Juan Ramon) #3

Hello Andy,

Thank you very much for your interest!

Happy to follow up at your convenience.

Since our development approach is user-driven, we encourage lots of engagement and collaboration!


Juan Ramón

(Harsh) #4

Hi Juan,

Great job creating the extension first of all. You have obviously come a long way from being a QA :slight_smile: .

I have got a few interns who would be interested in testing this for you. Would it be ok for us to give this a go?

Do you have any potential entry level testing roles too? All our candidates have the ISEB foundation certification. Will be happy to discuss this over a call.


(Juan Ramon) #5

Hi Harsh,

As a former QA I definitely want to stay in touch with the community and Recordable is a means.

Since Recordable development is user driven we are more than happy to pick up new features or bugs raised by your testing team. We are currently developing a new feature based on popular demand.


Juan Ramón