Share how you evaluate a new tool โ€“ 30 Days of Tools, Day 3

  • How do you discover all the things you like/dislike about a new tool?

Learning by doing. As much as I want to believe recommendations or documentation the only way for me to figure out everything around a tool is to use it. I still also watch videos and read articles about tools to get a general understanding before I start using it

  • What do you rely on to make a reasonable evaluation of a new tool?

As strange as that may sound, I rely a lot on pro and contra lists, how big is the community behind the tool and what are my experiences on this topic, with which the tools are supposed to help me.

  • How do you know youโ€™ve found โ€œthe oneโ€?

Not sure if there is โ€œthe oneโ€. All tools have their advantages and disadvantages. I think โ€œthe oneโ€ is the tool that helps me the most with the current issue Iโ€™m experiencing. But you should always keep your eyes open and evaluate from time to time if โ€œthe oneโ€ is still the best solution.

  • What is the biggest turn-off when evaluating a new tool?

Missing documentation๐Ÿ“. I think everybody knows what I mean by that.