✍️ Share Your Blog Post — June 2023

Have you published a personal testing-related blog post in June 2023? :writing_hand:

Reply to this topic with a link and a brief description of what the reader might learn.

Let’s celebrate that it takes effort to write down and share our thoughts and experiences. :tada:

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This blog article is about streamlining your testing process with Playwright: A Beginner’s Guide.
Talks about what Playwright is, describes its features, installation setup + creating & running the first tests + analyzing the results. Last but not least, there is a list of tips for maximizing the effectiveness of the Pw tests.


Although its not strictly about testing, my Substack is about Communities of Practice and most of the stuff I write about is written from the perspective of someone who is/was a tester so it might be of interest https://communitiesofpractice.substack.com/

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I have found the book “The Art of Software Testing” very helpful. I thought that maybe not everyone knew it so I wrote a review of it:

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Hi there, don’t know if this would fit in here, but it has to do with Software Testing so I would throw a link in here…

I have written a blogpost about last weeks AgileTD OpenAir event in Cologne, where I also had the pleasure and honor to meet @friendlytester - I even did wear the MoT Ukraine Support T-Shirt :wink:

Would like to share it with you: My first AgileTDOpenAir 2023 – Alexander Schnapper and if you want, feel free to comment (on the blog) or also write your opinion if you have attended previous AgileTD events or upcoming.
And now I know why :unicorn: are fun at conferences :smiley:


Hey! I recently made a tailored risk management plan for QA leads and transformed it into an article!

Read about the steps that will protect your organisation from potential security breaches at :point_down:

I wrote a recap of the recent AgileTD Open Air conference in Cologne, Germany:

I reflected on why I do what I do (professionally). I’m curious about other peoples’ “why”. Why I love testing, and love helping others find testing joy too - Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin (and I’m happy to find this blog post channel, looking forward to reading y’all’s!)


Thanks! I enjoyed reading about your experiences, I hope I can go to Open Air next year. I do wish I could have seen your Smoke and Mirrors session, it sounds fantastic!

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Thank you! Hopefully we will meet in person in an upcoming conference!

Hello MoT Community!

I am excited to introduce a fresh perspective in my latest piece, “Strategy House of a QA Leader”. Strategy House of QA leader. In the current era of information… | by Dmytro Stekanov | Jun, 2023 | Medium

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if any of the ideas presented in the article pique your interest.


Hey folks,

Thanks for sharing so many good blog posts for this month.

From now on, feel free to post your blog links in the new :handshake: Sharing chat channel.

In the meantime, I’ll close this post down.

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