Shift left testing with TestCompass

Hi everyone!

My name is Silvio Cacace and I’m the founder of the ‘early Model Based Testing’ (eMBT) approach and the supported tool TestCompass. I wanted to share our product with this community.

‘early Model Based Testing’ (eMBT) is a software testing approach that ensures to optimize and speed up the Test Case Design phase. And perhaps more important, eMBT stimulates communication between all stakeholders (business and technical stakeholders) with the aim of getting a shared understanding of the requirements in an early stage of the SDLC. TestCompass is the eMBT-tool that supports this process.

If you are looking for a structured, transparent and shift-left testing approach and an easy to use eMBT-tool that fully supports the eMBT approach, TestCompass might be the right choice for you.

TestCompass supports in testing EARLIER, SMARTER and FASTER by using abstract Test Models which are readable for all team members. This stimulates and optimizes the dialogue between business and IT in an early stage of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It contributes to a shared understanding of the desired behaviour of the software under test; an important goal within the Test process and TestCompass !

TestCompass automatically generates the logical and physical Test Cases from the Test Model with a predefined Test Coverage and export them to a user-friendly Excel Test Design, the Compass for test execution.

In TestCompass It is even possible to model with Gherkin syntax and to include the examples. From there you can easily create your feature files.

I’d like to receive any feedback, so we can improve our product if necessary and I’m willing to learn from you all in this great community :+1: