Software Tester or Software Developer?

Hello All, I want to know which profile is best from a future point of view and salary point of view. Both are trending and needful for the tech industry but which profile pays more. I am from India and I have checked some sources on google to clarify the career growth between both of them. Can anyone suggest best option?


Well I think the answers that you seek and regional & company based.
I’ve seen companies make no difference between developers & testers but on the other side there are some companies who still think that testers are less unfortunately.
You could become a QA DevOps engineer, Performance tester, Test Architect, … all wanted profiles (here in Belgium at least) but in the end …

I think you should do what you love most :wink:
Also welcome back to MoT!

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If you are equally capable of both the general industry particularly in some countries will often pay developers higher.

This is partly because many companies still often view the testers as primarily verifiers with a fairly narrow scope, this narrow scope can often be learned fairly quickly so often results in a high supply.

This primary verification view of testing though means if you can automate which is closer to development skillset then your value increases. There is naturally a higher demand for automators rather than hands on verifiers.

Where companies and a broader market view testing as much more of an investigation, experimentation, discovery and coaching role that gap is less likely to be there at all - perhaps these are viewed as consultant testers. If you look at job ads though this is still less common than verification type roles.

You have other niche roles within testing that can command higher rates, security specialist is a prime example.

Note that for those companies with salary disparities, it can be a good tell that they have the narrower older view of testing.

One additional consideration, if you work for a Saas company it can be tough, a good exploratory tester can often be more productive than five or ten verification testers but those buying the service will often see they can get five people for only double the price of one exploratory tester so they are almost pushed to pay less for tester services than developers.

Testing companies that sell verifying type testers on mass also push down the market rate and expectations of testers, anyway quite a lot of factors to consider.

I do testing because I love it, there are other things I would be doing if pay was my primary factor.


@adisharma use simple philosophy , Do your interest of work money an growth will follow you :slight_smile:
Now days there are no difference in pay’s except very few companies .


Same opinion like @theology … The thing is if you choose something you like then it is more likely that you become really good at it. And obviously then the payment will also be good.

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