Software Testing Community on Bluesky (bsky) unite. 🤝

Hey ho :wave: ,
in case you have missed Simon’s Weekly Testing issue 435 and overseen that he has put out a list of testers on Bluesky (forget X formerly known as Twitter), he is a link to his list on Bluesky:

It’s currently invite code only yet I see this community growing as we kindly share invites with those who don’t yet have access.
(from Simons Newsletter)

And if you know people who are also on Bluesky and not in the list, just reply to Simon so that others also can follow and keep an eye on it :wink:
So, who is also interested in Bluesky? Leave a comment or mention as some of us can share invite codes and help grow the community also there.

@jesper so here is a thread in the club :smiley:


Thanks for sharing here, @alexschnapper. :smile:

I’ll add in @jesper’s recent post about creating a custom feed too:

Will be interesting to see if more of the Twitter testing community ends up on Bluesky – and if they start to get more active. I guess those of us who are already on there can keep sharing and help start convos.


Thanks, and sorry that I have overseen @jesper s existing thread… :slight_smile:

edit: I wrote a blogpost about this topic.


It’s all good. They are both slightly different and could lead to different replies.


Some questions I like to have answers to before I join a community:

One big one:

  • What it is and how does it work? Forum, microblog, messaging, discord, newsletter… just want to know if I can add or support something otherwise I have all the life input I can handle.
  • What kind of thing is there? Some groups are people crusading to replace all testing with cases and all cases with computers and I am not welcome there. Also I’m in a lot of groups, so be interesting to see what it provides, although I am looking for a microblogging alternative.
  • When it comes to constructive argument to improve ideas what’s the community’s policy and what opportunities does it provide? It’s nice to be nice but sometimes I want to hammer out an idea among consenting adults.
  • Does it have a policy banning racism and homophobia that it’s willing to enforce? Not a fan of the ol bigotry.
  • What’s the advertising policy? Don’t like ads in my way.
  • Am I welcome? Not everyone likes me, and I can understand that.

Interrested too, But I also have a club that requires FB, and Insta accounts, as well as the bird platform and it’s getting stupid right now with so many apps and no critical mass (sorry pachyderm-based-platform) forming to help guide one to where the next big thing is happening.
What is Blue looking like?

BlueSky is yet another place people go to instead of Twitter/X, for their microblogging. It seems people are joining but the content is currently thin on the testing and engineering activity. Perhaps people are just securing their names? It’s a new site and one of the critiques has been wrt moderation of hate speech. There is plenty of LGBT people there though. Let’s see what happens - the collaboration space is surely more fragmented than it used to be.


So many questions and hard to put into one sentence, but I am trying to help and maybe others can share their stories or links, too :wink:

@kinofrost and @conrad.connected
What is Bluesky?
Maybe this article is a good start (there are heaps others, too) What is Bluesky, and how to get an invite | Digital Trends and also YouTube Videos.

IMO Bluesky is feeling like in the early times of Twitter (I have been there over 13 years), so at the moment there are things which don’t function like you are used to like on Mastodon, like Hashtags or Direct Messages. Not yet.

Thanks to @simon_tomes I received an Invite Code to begin and start with Bluesky as I am interested in new things - and in the past I have been an early adopter to other (in the meantime not so successful projects like ello, google waves,…) but I do like the atmo at Bluesky as I do discover a lot more new folks and broaden my existing network (which I do have platforms like LinkedIn or Mastodon or even Blogs to communicate).

I do not say that Bluesky is free of fails or perfect, I just point out some articles from the past, you can read them and build your own opinion.

If you want to just explore and discover - give it a try (I have got a few invite codes to share) :wink:

Would be great to see you there.


Thanks for the reply, that does help a lot.

I’d love to check it out if you have an invite for me! Exploring is always the best way to learn :3


Oooh count me in. So fire me a code if anyone has . BlueSky feels like a great experiment.


Awesome, we are getting more and more and I am adding every day to the list (see above) :wink:

(Off Topic: I also have to do some kind of list for Fediverse/Mastodon accounts) :thinking: :smiley: )

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Yeah. I think this is where I am too, needing a list. I’m trying to get a club onto social media and a few people really hate the BookFace platform, or just don’t engage on any platform. Since I’m after a niche audience I really have to go where they go, I cannot just choose. But staying on-brand is currently how I am hopeing to keep the followers I get following, by not deviating much at all. Deviating creates noise.

I’m curious as to what blue sky is about. I’ll love to have an invite please. :grinning:


done, check you inbox - enjoy :slight_smile:

If anyone would like a Bluesky invite, get in touch as I have one to share.


Thanks a lot for the list. I will join the community for sure!

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Still very quiet as a platform, hard to navigate with no useful search yet, and a lot of accounts that are just copy-paste as well as not what I want to see on the internet, a lot of depressed, and self absorbed people. A lot of the content looks “generated”. Enough of the content on BlueSky is unsavoury, for me and I want to brand the platform as a bit wild-wild west, or just crazy. At least for now.

Is Mastadon significantly less web 1.0 in feel I wonder?

Jumping on late to this thread, but if anyone else has invite codes going spare of be keen to explore it too


Hi @nick.pass-ca - did you receive an invite already or shall I send you a code?

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An update, i have added 68 accounts on the list in the meantime… in a few days updating again with a few more… :wink: