Sprint 7: What are your most and least favourite aspects of testing

Starting today, 2018-07-31, ending 2018-08-13. Have fun!


Least favorite: Business owners who can’t make up their mind.

Most favorite: When the business owners say thank you!

OK… dont judge me testing community-

_ love manual testing - more like very constructed exploratory testing where I get to feel the systems, how they interact with very loud music playing in my ears (currently playing is the soundtrack from Atom Blonde too good). It’s like being one with the Matrix :wink:

_dislike paperwork - documentation (even though I only do just enough and I mean minimal) I really really dislike that aspect. It’s like the grown up version of being a tester without any of the fun.

Most favorite: Finding a huge bug which can be fixed before release. Still one of the best feelings.

Least favorite: Creating specific testdata. God, I hate that.

Better late than never

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To Kimberley: now me, I don’t mind documentation, but I came up through old-school manual, bureaucratic business processes (before I ever heard of software testing), so it’s what I grew up with. This is my kung fu and it is strong.

To Patrick: I agree with you on the favourite thing.

As for test data: I had to do that for fifteen years.- devise a complex test dataset that replicated real-world situations but which had to be sufficiently anonymised so that if it ever escaped into the wild, no one could point at it and say “that’s our data!”. Trouble was, after a while, I began to see live data returns that looked as though they’d been created on a similar basis to mine, which either suggested that my principles of dataset creation were spot-on, or (more worryingly) there was someone else out there with as devious a mind as mine.

Given that the company submitting that data was eventually fined £35 million and were investigated by the Serious Fraud Office for falsifying data returns that could influence income levels and share prices, I tend towards the “deviousness” scenario…