Sprint 5: Wild card

(Dominic) #1

Little late, sorry I was on holiday, but I’m back now and writing my entry for last sprint. In the mean time let’s have a harder (or easier) sprint. Write a blog post about something that you’re passionate about right now. Doesn’t need to be testing or tech related, but it certainly can be. What’s driving you at the moment, share it and see if you can’t inspire us too! Enjoy!

Sprint starts today 2018-06-27, ends 2018-07-10

(Robert) #2

Here’s one I started earlier:

(Paul) #3

Currently planning to start an article about anti-ballistic missile testing and the kinds of mistakes they make in their quality practice. Probably not passionate about it but it is an interesting area.

(Paul) #4

In the meantime, since the World Cup is on, here is my take on the John Barnes Rap in the context of software delivery.

(Lee) #5

Finally got round to some writing over lunch :slight_smile:

(Joe) #6

I’ve had this brewing a while.