Sprint 1: A technical tip all testers should know

(Dominic) #1

Hi everyone and welcome to the inaugural Bloggers club sprint.

We’re tackling the topic “A technical tip every tester should know” this time and we’ve got a fortnight to get a blog together on it.

Discussions are here and on the MoT slack, have a great time and let’s get blogging!

(Dominic) #2

The blogs so far:

(Miranda) #3

At some point, you will run something on the command line, and then get stuck. The Esc key or the ‘q’ key will usually back out of something in a command-line window. The ctr key pressed along with the C key on the keyboard will terminate execution. USE WITH CAUTION.

(Ben) #4

Here is my submission for the sprint.


(Joe) #5

I published mine here.

(Heather) #6

A reminder that if you’re not on the Ministry of Testing feeds, there’s a link on our landing page to submit your blog there :slight_smile:

(Daniel) #7

Here’s my contribution, When is a wifi connection not a wifi connection?