TestBash World 2022 - Share Your Experiences Through Writing with Aaron Flynn

In this session, @flynnbops shares his own experiences from writing over the past year.

He’ll talk about his motivations, how he got started, and the benefits he’s seen so far.

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.

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About the talk :mega:

In this session, I’ll share my own experiences from writing over the past year.

I’ll talk about my motivations, how I got started, and the benefits I’ve seen so far. I’m not a regular publisher of content, unlike some people I truly admire. I am early in my writing journey, and still figuring things out. I’m certain some of you have considered writing before, and like me, have decided against it for your own reasons. I hope that by sharing my story, I can inspire some of you to give it a try. You have stories worth sharing.


  • Reasons to write
  • How to get started
  • The short and long term benefits for you and your career

About Aaron! :female_detective: :bug: :iphone: :computer:

I’m a Senior SDET at Brightpearl, embedded in a delivery team and working with the wider SDET guild. We support our merchants with selling their goods and services, and integrate with major E-commerce companies, e.g. Amazon, Shopify, Ebay. I’ve worked across the UK and Ireland with different companies. Ranging from testing self service tills for supermarket chains, to building public services in the UK Civil service. I currently find myself drawn towards Quality Engineering and Test Coaching activities. I am passionate about communities of practice. I believe that a strong, engaged community is the best way to support and develop a practice and its members. This naturally has led me to the Ministry of Testing(MoT) community. I’ve written for MoT, and publish blogs on my personal site. Feel free to check it out for more about me and what I’ve been up to.

Social networks :globe_with_meridians: :computer:

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Here’s some links that should be helpful

The presentation slide deck

UK government design principles

Great article on being “unremarkable” by Areti Panou

MoT Bloggers Club

Notes from MoT Twitter space with Nicola Lindgren, thanks to Claire Norman

Ben Dowen post on blogs

MoT Blog feed

What is learning in public?

Getting started with Github pages



Live answered

  • Anonymous.- First time writer here and loved your talk. What are some of your top used tools for writing?
  • Anonymous.- How can someone get started if they think they don’t like writing? :fearful:
  • Jen Bauer.- Do you have an concerns about content ownership depending on where you publish your blog?
  • Anonymous.- First time writer here and loved your talk. What are some of your top used tools for writing?
  • Tristan Lombard.- Who is a software quality leader and writer that you look up to and why?

Not answered :frowning:

  • Rich.- How important is it to work on presentation & visual theme of your blog vs just writing content.
  • Cristiano Cunha.- Sometimes life and work gets in the way, and it is really easy to write less and less. What is your advice on creating an habit and get a steady contribution? (edited)
  • Anonymous.- What’s your tip for writer’s block?

Useful resources shared

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