Bloggers Club: Sprint 13 - New Timelines

So folks we’re trying new timelines to revive the bloggers Club. We’ll spend 2 weeks suggesting and voting on topics. Once the topic is decided, you have 1 month to write a blog post on that topic.

So this sprints timelines are:

10th May voting ends for Sprint 13.

7th June is the target to have your blog post submitted.

Let’s see some suggestions :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be “Your experience with ethics in tech”.

Reasons: I’ve seen a good bit of chatter about this on slack. I’m also interested in other peoples experiences with this as I’m sure we’ve all had very different ones!

Your first experiences with accessibility testing. How you started, where your learning began and any assumptions you had to question, change or drop completely.

Reasons: While there’s a good general knowledge in a lot of the MoT community and resources in the Dojo, when I meet other testers there is very little awareness or testing going on. I’ve been fortunate to visit a few European conferences and its a similar story. If we can demystify getting started we can get more people aware and doing, even if it starts with the low hanging fruit.

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Oooh I like your suggestion better than mine!

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Do you trust software less now you understand how it works and how it frequently doesn’t ?

It depends :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm I happen to already have a draft along these lines, is that cheating? :slight_smile:


Definitely not! :wink:

It might have a limited scope, but, how about your thoughts of TestBash (or whatever your last conference/meetup you went to)?

Could be a good one Dan. We already have a Brighton thread but maybe what we want / don’t want in conferences would open it up and make it more useful?

Blogs from TestBash Brighton 2019

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There was recently a discussion on the club about the ISTQB qualifications.

It would be interesting to read blog posts about differentexperiences in ISTQB, what courses have you done, was it a positive/negative experience, was it a waste of time, have there been any benefits, if you’ve not done any of the courses has it held you back (prevented you from getting a job for example).

Seems like this is the winner!


Well, I better do a post then! Hope some folks join me

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As promised, here’s my post on my first experiences with accessibility testing. Your turn @gpaciga :slight_smile:


oh dear, being called out directly! (a month late but here I am)

This didn’t end up being about my first experiences, but this is the post on accessibility testing that I ended up putting out:


Are we having a sprint 14 with yours @heather_reid?

I totally forgot to start a new poll with holidays :woman_facepalming:

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