Super Testing Bros: Goal Setting with Tom Griffin and Mike Clarke

The Super Testing Bros released a podcast at the start of March about goal setting. At the time I thought “Must write a Club post for that” but with the TestBash craziness in between I, sadly, forgot.

  1. What skills did you feel like you could improve on? Were they long term aspirational ones or shorter term skills?

I love how JavaScript was in there instantly, I know I definitely need to improve my JavaScript skills! I’ve not personally used Cucumber but I would like to explore it.

We’ve also been working on team collaboration a lot. As a fully distributed team, sometimes working as a team unit can be difficult. We are getting there though after 2 days of (almost) all the team in one place meeting.

  1. What different ways did you come up with for getting better at that skill(s)?

For me, the collaboration side of things came first. We started off by understanding what each member of the team actually does. This helped us to understand where doubling up was happening or potentially where we could delegate tasks we were doing to someone else. Since then, we’ve been working pretty well together. We’re not perfect but we’re doing a pretty good job and taking feedback on board.

  1. Is there anything in there that you could shape into a goal?
    Reminder, a goal needs to be:
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time boxed

Over to you, what goals and skills did you come up with during the podcast?



I’ve been writing about my Security Testing goal - learning the OWASP Top 10 on my blog here:

Would love to get feedback from the community about my ramblings

Starting to slip behind a bit - reading 20 mins every day may have been a bit optimistic, but happy with the fact that I’m learning and enjoying writing more than I thought I would.

Should hopefully have OWASP #3 Sensitive Data Exposure out by the weekend