Blogs, podcasts and community reflections of TestBash UK 2022

It’s been over a month now since TestBash UK 2022. Where does that time go? Talks recordings are available if you need a reminder.

And it brings an instant smile to my face thinking about the two incredible days. :smiley:

I’ve also enjoyed reading some blogs about the experience.

Andrew’s (@merely_a_tester) first time at TestBash is super insightful. And I’m always impressed when folks capture a real-time end-of-day post like Melissa’s (@melissafisher) did: Test Bash UK Day 1 — Experience report.

How about you, what blog posts and/or podcasts did you discover about TestBash UK 2022? (feel free to add yours to this thread if you wrote/recorded one). How was the experience different to your experience? What did you learn?

Keep writing

There’s always an opportunity now to write a blog post since it’s been over a month now.

  • What were your highlights? What about your experience could you share?
  • What did you learn at TestBash UK that you’re currently implementing at your workplace?
  • What are you struggling with? How might the community help?