TestBash Spring Has Sprung 🌷

After a successful Call For Papers and Community Review campaign with a total of 143 submitted and 721 reviews, we can finally announce the TestBash Spring lineup!

On the 23rd of March, we will be welcoming fantastic speakers from around the world to come and share their knowledge, experience and expertise on our virtual stage. Their talks will cover testing topics such as quality, continuous integration, design thinking, infrastructure, mental health, API, AI, the list goes on! Make sure you register or buy your ticket for TestBash Spring 2023 to let new ideas take root, grow your knowledge and connect with the rest of your testing community.

The lineup for TestBash Spring 2023 is… :drum:

  • @selenasmall and @saramic, both joining from Australia, will be joining forces in a real code, live demo, giving us a fresh look on TDD.
  • @mohammad_siddiqui, from Manchester, UK is a Senior QA Manager and will be showing us all about infrastructure testing.
  • @kika, also joining from the UK, will share her experience on how debugging has changed her life and empowered her to navigate the various challenges in her career.
  • @the_qa_guy, a bug magnet by nature, will join us from Germany and show what happens if a curious tester meets a Continuous Integration system and decides to take care of it.
  • @laveenaramchandani01, also from the UK and no stranger to our TestBash conferences, will join us this time in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about skills and strategies for new test managers.
  • @karentestsstuff, from the other side of the pond, Missouri, USA, will come to the stage and share how ADHD and other neurodivergent conditions have boosted her career.
  • @mkutz, also from Germany, will use his 12 years of experience in software development and quality coaching to show us how (not) to measure quality.
  • To discuss the current hot topic of AI in testing, we’ll be joined by three experts:
    • @nicolalmartin, from London, UK, is the Head of Quality Engineering at a UK-based AI software company. Nicola is a speaker and panellist at global events on diversity, women in tech, quality, AI, software testing and mentorship.
    • @vivrichards (not the cricketer) will join us from Wales, UK. Viv has been reading a lot about AI and is looking forward to chatting about how AI can help support testing and impact testing roles.
    • @tariqking, from sunny Miami, USA, is a recognised thought leader in software engineering, DevOps, testing and AI/ML with over fifteen years of professional experience in the software industry.
  • @mirza, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and @restertest, from Romania, will also come together and use the Pokemon public API to compare REST and GraphQL API testing.
  • Last but not least, we have another duo: @lrosocha and @rncintra, both from Brazil, will show us how we can prioritise our tests by considering impact and value!

All of this and many more surprises, networking opportunities, live Q&A sessions with all the speakers, the world-famous 99-Second Talks and so much more for a whole 12 hours period on the 23rd of March coming to a screen near you!

TestBash Spring 2023 is included in Pro Memberships.

If you’re not yet a Pro, you can go Pro for Β£24.99 a month or purchase a ticket.