TestBash Spring 2023 - Discussion: How AI Can Impact Our Testing Roles - Nicola Martin, Tariq King & Daniel Knott

During TestBash Spring, @nicolalmartin, @tariqking and @dnlknott joined a Panel Discussion on How AI Can Impact Our Testing Roles.

We’ll use this Club thread to keep the conversation going, share resources and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.


Questions Answered Live

@fullsnacktester - What do you think will be the biggest benefit from using AI to assist our testing?

Anonymous - What should we not rely on AI for?

@karentestsstuff - How can we share concerns regarding this topic with our team, without sounding like a doomsayer?

@fullsnacktester - ChatGPT isn’t the only AI game in town. Are there any other AI tools you would recommend or avoid?

Anonymous - Do you think AI will replace testers?

@fullsnacktester - How might AI tools for developers introduce a new classification of defects?

@mwc - Do you think that AI will increase testing output at the same rate as it is expected to increase development code output?

@diantris - How do you feel about OpenAI warning about potential risks around security and can you see security testing being prioritised higher now?

@teixeira.fernando - What do you think about AI tools that could take business requirements, like Gherkin scenarios and run tests/validations with no code? Sounds something viable?

Questions Not Answered Live

Anonymous - What tasks can AI take off our plates?

@jenbauer - Do you have any recommendations or thoughts on AI response accuracy? ChatGPT, for example, can confidently return absolutely incorrect information.

@henry.pitman - What benefits should be excited for as testers in the mid and long terms? What will the software development landscape be like?

Anonymous - How can we best use AI to help us test?

@moalkhalil - How to perform functional testing on AI systems when it’s difficult to determine the expected output?

Anonymous - Do you think the future generations that will be used with these tech from the beginning of they careers will lose the critical thinking that we got until AI?

@jenbauer - Can you share with us some of the non-text/chat AI technologies that you are excited about now?

@soumyap - What could be a good strategy/approach to add in the power of AI/ML based tools to my daily testing tasks that currently use regular tools/libraries?

@bryan - Surely it’s part of our role to question the data used and feed it edge cases?

@testerfromleic - Whenever there’s a conversation about AI, ethics often comes up. What resources can you recommend to help us get to grips with the topic of ethics?

@rumikon - What has been the most valuable thing that AI has provided you during the testing process (e.g., previsualization, planning, execution, results, follow up etc)

@bryan - Surely it’s part of our role to question the data used and feed it edge cases?