I hope this isn’t breaking any rules - please take this down if it is.

The Open University are organising a TEDx event which will take place in November 2019.

It is around the theme “Imagine What’s Next”. If anyone is interested in speaking, the link for the details is here:

I just thought I would share this in case anyone is interested at all.

Update: You will need to cover your own expenses as a speaker. Travel, accommodation… etc.

Hello Faith, I’ve looked on the website but can’t find any information on whether there are any speaker expenses covered such as travel and accommodation. As tickets haven’t been opened I can’t tell whether there will be a cost involved. Could you reply to these questions please? Thanks


I’m afraid I don’t have the answer. I’m an OU student though so I’ve just emailed over your questions now and I’ll update this thread when I find out more information.

I’m sorry I can’t be of immediate help.

No problem Faith, thank you for looking into this for me

@adystokes AFAIK you need to cover your own expenses. I will update the description of this thread as well so it is clear for everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Faith. I suspect you won’t get many takers from this community as there’s a very good awareness of why Pay To Speak conferences are generally bad for a lot of people who cannot afford to fund themselves which generally reduces diversity and inclusion.

Cassandrah @Tweet_Cassandra on Twitter explains this far more eloquently than I can.

I’m not involved with the organisation of this event at all.

I just saw it on my homepage and thought I’d share it for anyone that was interested. I fully understand why people wouldn’t be interested in speaking if expenses weren’t covered, but you never know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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