(Software Testing) Conferences That Are Not PayToSpeak

Increasingly conferences are being encouraged to not make speakers PayToSpeak (ie - have to cover their own travel costs and/or conference tickets).

Which conferences are support speakers so that they don’t have to take money out of their own pocket?

All TestBash conferences will pay speakers travel costs. We also pay people to write articles, podcasts, host a Masterclass. https://www.ministryoftesting.com/training-events/

European Testing Conference also pays speakers travel costs. They also share part of the profit between speakers after the event. http://europeantestingconference.eu/2017/

Who else should be added to this list?

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Hello - sorry for the shameless plug (feel free to remove this)… I organise a Agile Development & Software Craftsmanship conference (www.swanseacon.co.uk) and am always looking to get more testing on the agenda. Speakers travel, stay, conference ticket and speakers dinner is covered - I’d love you to submit for future events regardless of your experience of speaking :slight_smile:


I think if people can get support from their employer to help cover travel costs it’s ok for conferences to not support speakers. I’m pretty happy with pay my own way for travel because I’ll often combine it with a holiday anyway. I’ve seen some conferences have diversity scholarships where they will try to support travel expenses of speakers/attendees from diverse backgrounds and who would otherwise be unable to attend, pycon is an example of this.


Let’s Test 2017 in Sweden will reimburse speakers’ travel costs (new for this year) and cover lodging and conference ticket cost (as we’ve always done).


I’ve been following up on this for some years, and just today updated the list I’ve been keeping on this:


Hey Maaret - I organise SwanseaCon - can you update the SwanseaConf entry please: There are no workshops so should be N/A, all 'Same benefits for 2nd speaker" is Yes. Thanks :slight_smile:

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