European Testing Conference 2018

There are still early bird tickets available for European Testing Conference 2018 (February 18th-19th).

Your ticket gets you:

  • 4 keynotes
  • 11 talks
  • 2 workshops (you choose from a total of 5)
  • 3 demo talks
  • 3 collaborative sessions

The schedule is live so you can check out the complete line up. There’s two pretty awesome things about ETC. They are not a PayToSpeak conference and @maaret and the rest of the conference organising team pair interviewed all of the people that submitted a talk. (That is no easy task!)

Have you already booked your ticket? Or are you still waiting on that approval from work to buy it?


Hello @heather_reid, do you know if exists some on-line modality or the event is presencial only?

I would like to participate, but I can’t do this presencially.

Hi @samuellucas, as far as I am aware there isn’t an online way to watch the conference. It’s quite interactive so an online format wouldn’t lend itself well to that. @maaret may have more information for you on this but I believe you must be present at the venue.