Testing Conferences

Hey everyone.

Iโ€™m looking for a list of testing conferences (apart from TestBash of course) that will be on between now and next June?

Preferably UK based but out the country would be fine too.


Not really sure about any others in the UK but I can recommend Romanian Testing Conference in Cluj, Romania and Testit in Malmรถ Sweden.


I do maintain a list of testing conferences and workshops from around the world at: https://testingconferences.org/.

Lots of stuff between now and next June on the list.

I try to keep it updated and if you find that we are missing anything, feel free to contribute to it / add to it.


Super grateful you created and maintain this list, @ckenst. Thank you. :tada:

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Thanks @simon_tomes!

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I came here just to suggest this. But Chris (suprisingly) beat me to it. :joy: