Temporary email service

Is there any disposable email service that allows receiving verification emails at a temporary address that self-destructs after 24 hours so that it will be helpful in automation of ‘customer registration and verification’ test case? Thanks!

Yes, at present there are several disposable email service providers available in the market. they provide the free public and private inbox for a temporary email address.

Recently I found couple of very good disposable email service providers and one of them is ‘mail7.io’.
Their documentation is also very good in which they have explained how you can use it in automation as well.

I’ve been using Temp Mail. They’re generally okay but can be unresponsive occasionally (I’ll see a daily regression run fail every two weeks or so, due to their service being unavailable).

I use mailinator.com. It’s an open access website, doesn’t have or need a mail client. Anything before the @mailinator.com address is available. I don’t suggest you use test@… as many others do, so if you need the mails to be reasonably private, create something less guessable.