Test scenarios for subscrption email

Hi everyone,
Could you help me to get the scenarios… how to test subscribe functionality for non registered users on ecommerce website ?

Are you wanting to prove that they can successfully subscribe? That the subscription sends? That the formatting in the email is correct?

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Hi @satveerqa,

Can we go about the below definition for subscription ?

What is a Subscription Website?

A subscription website is a site that collects a recurring payment from customers in exchange for recurring product replenishment or on-going service.

Below would be my set of questions before i would start testing it:

Questions can be categorized based on below groups:

Functionality based question (F)
Non-functionality based question (NF)
Testability related question (T)
Reliability related question (R)

  1. Is it a paid subscription or free or both?(F)
  2. Is there a way to set the frequency of subscription - how frequently is the subscriber going to receive emails? (T)
  3. What are the valid email-ids from which the subscriber can expect subscription emails? (F)
  4. How is a registered user different from a non-registered user? Is the difference based on certain set of actions that can be performed or is it about the number of subscription emails that one will get? (F)
  5. How does the subscription email get triggered? Do you as a tester have access to this triggering mechanism? (T)
  6. Is the email going to be a one-on-one communication or is it a broadcast email? In which case, the “From” email id may vary accordingly. (F)
  7. Are you allowed to reply to the emails that you receive? (F)

    If yes, then what should happen?

If no, then how is it going to be handled? Is it just about a “mail not sent” notification from the SMTP server?

  1. Is the email expected to have attachments, rich contents- like embedded images, embedded videos …etc If so does it successfully get transmitted to the subscriber (F)
  2. How long should be tested and in what frequency to say that the subscription mechanism is working reliably ? (R)
    Ex:- The subscription mechanism should be able to consistently send 1000 emails to 1000 valid accounts in a frequency of once every 2 days without any loss of information for a period of atleast 3 months before any possible unexpected behavior (ex:- Memory leaks…etc)

Will add more soon…

@ThePirateTester Yes …you are correct

Thanks Karthik . Your scenarios would really helps me to test the subscription function effectively.

This subscription functionality is kind of free subscription for registered and non registered users to get all promotions or advertisements about new products of particular website. It is just when customer enter their email id ,customer will get subscription email and should subscribed with that website.
it is not based on one to one conversation .
Thank you so much …

@satveerqa You are welcome!

Hi @karthik_2016

Did you have any scenario ideas already as a starting point?

Hi @deament
No not really!
We can definitely have a set of initial ideas to write scenarios, but its very difficult to have a template as such since testing is highly contextual.
Contextual in the below sense:

  1. What is it that you want to test?
  2. How much time you have to test?
  3. How much of coverage you would want to have?

As i have written above, you can have categories of tests that you would like to do and as per the context, decide upon which ones to pick before starting the test.

Hope it answered your query, else do let me know if you would like to know more.

I was just wondering why the poster asked the question in the first place but didn’t give any context or starting point with which scenario he/she had already come up with.

(Sorry I accidentally tagged you @karthik_2016 , I should have tagged Satveer @satveerqa instead)

Yes @deament I have already started with some general scenarios but wanted to get more scenarios.

These are scenarios I already came up:

  1. user should enter email address in subscription field

  2. User should get message after clicking on the subscribe button that "you are now subscribed with us"

  3. user should get email.

  4. All links on images in email should work .

To add to @karthik_2016 's excellent list above, I would also be asking some questions around the regulatory consequences of the subscription.
What countries in the world is the subscribe email going to?
What information are you collecting as part of the subscription - just email or any personally identifiable information? (PIN)
For examples -
Under GDPR - would you be collecting any information covered by this legislation?

Unsubscribing -
How does this work?
What are the SLA for the subscription process and is it appropriate to carry out NFT for this?
If you have a unsubscribe process - how long does this take to roll into effect and is the subscriber notified?

Subscription content
Are you subject to local idioms in things like titles?
For instance in Ireland, there are no nobility but a lot of people would be addressed in Irish as a part of their title especially government ministers.
In the UK, Germany and Austria, you may be addressing a Baron, Lord, Lady etc. If your title options are a fixed drop down, can non-standard titles be accommodated?