App subscriptions/in-app purchases

Just pushed out an iOS release that includes in app purchases this week. Phew. And it was very stressful, with manual testing of the purchase flow. I found a few good blog posts describing the process, and the iOS store support for testing, although it is pretty rubbish as a user interface was not too bad. But now, I am doing testing for an Android release , and the coding effort in my team is almost done - how do I know I’ve approached this right as I start testing?

For the iOS release, I did most of the validation manually, I don’t want to do that this time, what hooks and tips have people got? My biggest pain is that the “test accounts” on android used to expire the purchase (subscription renewals run out) after 30 minutes . On Android its more like 8 hours , meaning I can only do one dry-run per day, per test-account. Bah! That kind blocks any kind of automation :frowning:

The subscription is annual BTW.