In App Purchases possible test cases


I am new in Mobile Game Testing field and i need to test In-App purchases for that game. So, i need some help regarding possible test cases for In-App purchase.

Hello @nitin1387 I’ve not done any game testing but I would imagine you approach it the same way you would any other task. Think about customer journeys, how to they get to the purchases, what are the options, do they get what they purchased, e.g. customer buys 1000 gems, customer has 1000 gems available. You could also make sure they can be used too.

If there are lots of combinations a decision table listing all the possibilities might help you to work out equivalences and thinking about risk might help you know where to begin. Good luck.

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What @adystokes said

Make sure also that you test emulating a bad network connection or even a network drop while doing the transaction. Is super usefull if you hook up charles and monitor the api calls.

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That’s an excellent point @billkav, almost treat it the same way as any payment process with delays, denials and dropped connections. While this is focused on card payments it might help with generating a few more scenarios. I found it useful when I was testing payments.