How do you typically test purchase flows and subscription upgrades?

Can you help, @kaarina? How do you typically test purchase flows and subscription upgrades?

Kaarina kindly introduced themselves and shared their context.


The first step is to learn the testing profession basics.
Then you should be able to test anything or almost anything.

I can’t say there’s been that much of a difference for me between testing purchase flows, search engines, flight data systems, funds management, antiviruses, and computer or phone applications/optimizers, recruiting apps, database systems.
Of course, almost everything was different, but the general way in knowing how to start testing is similar: evaluate what’s around you(logistics), learn a lot(intro), and find the cheapest/fastest way to get the most relevant information about the product quality quickly.

The topic and question are quite broad :wink: Unfortunately, I don’t have a prepared guide, checklist, or strategy described in detail to answer it. It may take some time to provide a full response :sweat_smile: But, for now, I can share my post on testing payments with crypto payment processors/systems. Konstantin Sakhchinskiy on LinkedIn: #qa #integrationtesting #softwaretesting #softwaredevelopment… maybe it also will be relevant

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I think the best place to start is to see if the payment processor your company is using has any documentation on testing.
My company uses Stripe and they have pretty good documentation on how to test by using specific card numbers in a test environment and how to “fast forward time” for subscription testing.
If you are using Stripe, feel free to message me and I can try to help.


Stripe is a too simple example :smiley: they have very detailed documentation and a perfect sandbox env for testing. However, I’ve heard that their customer support for devs who integrate Stripe into their products is bad. Many other payment processors often don’t have such detailed docs or a sandbox, but you are definitely right that checking the official documentation is crucial

Stripe sounds really helpful in this regard! I’ll look a bit further into the documentation of our payment processors – haven’t had luck so far, but I imagine I’m not the only one doing this sort of testing and there may be community posts about it.

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