How do you test in-app purchasing across multiple territories and countries?

Would you mind sharing your experiences and learnings of how you might have solved this problem?

  • A team has developed a mobile app on Android and iOS – both developed as native apps.
  • The app is available in many countries across the globe.
  • The team would like to test the in-app purchasing payment flow as if they’re in a specific country.
  • The team appear to only be able to test a purchase from another country if they have a real bank account in said country.
  • Both apps are hooked up to a 3rd party payment service provider for signup, purchase and login. It seems the payment provider is unable to provide “test” payment accounts from across the globe

Thanks for your help!


Hey @simon_tomes

I shared this on the slack group and got some of the following answers:

credit card + road trip :wink:

Crowdsource testing? this helped me fake cc nos

Not sure if these help you out at all?


Hi @heather_reid,

Thanks for sharing this on Slack and for documenting the answers here! Much appreciated. I’ll share with the relevant team. Maybe they’ll be up for that road trip! :smiley:

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It sounds like a typical kind of project to outsource to a crowdsourced testing provider. I have worked on a lot of these kinds of projects for them where testers make real payments then money is reimbursed to them by the crowdsourced testing company after testing is complete.

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