Freelance Testing for UK Travel App Offer

Hi, it’s Kenneth from Crowdville, we put out a job post on Ministry of testing jobs board, we would like to further extend the ad in the community forum.

We are looking for people to take part in our 2 week test project.

It will require you to use and test on online smart product and take a survey.

You are paid for your work and for each bug in discovery.

No obligation to commit to the 2 weeks as you will be paid for all the tasks you complete, for each bug you discover and including payment for the feedback survey. T

for more info and registration page visit:

feel free to email me at

however all the instructions will become available to yo once you participate in the campaign.

The project is already open, so feel free to join anytime, it will end on the 31st of May 2021. However you should have joined us by the 25th of May, to succesfully participate in the test instructions.


First bug!

When I click the registration page link above (, then click the Apply to Participate button on the resultant web page, it takes me to a page that is in Italian.

The link behind the button is so I’d expect it to be written in English…


Second bug!

when I ask you a question using your support email, I got a strange email about account activation that I didn’t ask you for:

Hi ,

Your Crowdville Ltd account has been created.

FreshDesk is the platform Crowdville uses to provide support for its users.

You are receiving this communication because you sent an email to [](

With this account you can now check the status of your requests.

To activate your account, you need to click this link below:

Click the url below to activate your account!

I’m probably being thick, but I’m assuming you have to do the first four learning missions before you get to do any paying ones. Is that correct?

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wondering the same ! there are lots of issues from first sight.

Yes, it’s not the most obvious website I’ve ever used.

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Correction: you have to complete two survey missions before you can do any paying ones.

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I would like to connect and discuss more. Can you please drop me here: Team of Software Testing

That was fun. I got 4 bugs accepted!

It’s a bit of beer money now the pubs are open again :grin: