Crowd testing at test IO - become part of QA freelance tester Community

Hello Testing Community :wave:

My name is Evgeniya and I would like to tell you about the testing platform I’m part of - test IO. This is how it works at test IO - companies like Soundcloud, BuzzFeed provide their applications (Web, Android, iOS) for you to test and you get paid for each valid bug you find, up to $15 per bug! The concept is very simple :blush:

We are also a huge international Community of software testers - of different walks of like and backgrounds but what units us is our passionate for testing and software!
The main perk is that you can work from wherever you are, e.g. while travelling or just staying at home without even having to put on pants! You can also adjust your schedule to your preferences.
You can make some cash directly to your PayPal account, discover the newest apps and websites and at the same time gather valuable experience. And there is no annoying boss :laughing:

The quality is also very important at test IO, that is why there is an entry onboarding test, but it can be easily passed in a day’s time. test IO also offers a comprehensive tester Academy, educational YouTube videos and various Community events.

Yes, it is not the easiest job in the world, you should be prepared for high competition and sometimes stress and frustration. But it is also fun and fulfilling!

You can check it our for yourself at - :wink:

The idea the only valuable output of testing is bugs is one of the biggest fallacies in the software industry.


Also, each valid bug.

Who is deciding the validity? :confused:


Bug reports go through two stages of review - a team of experienced test IO Team Leaders and the customer’s QA team