I'm Evgeniya - reaching out to you from test IO

Hello Testing Community :wave:

My name is Evgeniya and I’m a Community Manager at the Berlin/San Fransisco Startup called test IO. We are looking to grow our multinational testing Community!

This is how it works:
Our customers like Soundcloud, BuzzFeed provide their applications (Web, Android, iOS) for you to test and you get paid for each valid bug you find, up to $15 per bug!

What you get:

  • Flexible working hours, work anytime you want
  • Uncapped payout via PayPal
    -Valuable work experience that can booster your future career

Before you can take part in paid customer projects, you have to pass our onboarding process, which can be done in 1 day!

You can join our diverse tester Community here - https://test.io/become-a-tester/

If you have any questions, you can reach me at community@test.io

Why don’t you give it a try :wink: and check it out for yourself

Hi Evgeniya,

I saw on your website that you also pay testers to rate/review apps, but there is no detailed description so I’m a bit curios about that part. What exactly is rated/reviewed and where?

Hello Milos,

We focus on explorative testing. However, sometimes, we also have usability tests where you could deliver usability suggestions how to improve apps and websites to make them more user-friendly. You can find all the information in our tester Academy - https://academy.test.io/en/

Might be worth checking out some reviews before jumping into this.


Make sure to clear the filter to include Freelancers as that’s what I imagine you’d be signing up as.

I initially liked the idea of crowdsourcing some testing like this but after reading some of the reviews, there are some things that seem like red flags to me, just on the face of it. Toxicity, only getting paid on “accepted” bugs, not getting paid, test leads (best to go through some of the reviews for that as I suspect they’ll be the people you deal with), poor acceptance criteria, poor quality, aggressiveness of testers.

Main concern would be not getting paid for regressions of more mature apps or systems. I spend a lot of of my time testing solid code and often don’t find issues, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get to be paid for it. I suspect most people will be focusing on getting onto new projects to get paid for the low hanging fruit.

Sorry don’t particularly like people self promoting on forums but certainly worth checking around before signing up to this and burning your valuable time. … not to say that you would be, there are some fairly positive reviews there as well.


The cynic in me expected all of the above :neutral_face:

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