Test Trend Reporting - Suggestions

Hey all.

I am looking for suggestions on test trend reporting. Basically, test reporting but something that shows me the progress over longer periods of time.

There are many tools out there but I feel like many are trying to be a “1 and Done” style platform when I only really need decent reporting and maybe TCM at best.



I’m also interested in this topic. I’ve been searching for a tool/framework that can show me the fail/pass rate of each run compared to each other. So I can see which test case fails the most/often etc.


Also keen to know if there is a good tool for performance test results to graph performance results easily, over time.
I have historically created bespoke non-database hacks (using excel) for these, but it really does not scale.

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TICK Stack, changed my life :stuck_out_tongue:
TICK = Telegraph, Influx DB, Chronograph(or grafana) + Kapacitor

This way you can have LIVE performance reviews/follow ups.
On the upside it looks very fancy + futuristic & it’s possible to customize all results metrics.

My reporting needs are not very demanding so I get by with using ReportNG or the reporting that comes with Gradle. But in doing a bit of research of these reporting tools, I came across two which look promising - or at least they have very slick UI:

  1. ReportPortal - it’s an open source project with a neat looking analytics dashboard

  2. Allure Test Report - a reporting framework (also open source) seems pretty configurable

Did anyone maybe there either of these two in more depth?

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TICK Stack is the real deal. I have used it a bit in the past for testing but also personal projects where this makes sense. Well worth considering for things such as Performance testing.

@mirza I am looking at Allure now, paired with their TestOps offering may make sense for me. Going to look at ReportPortal next :slight_smile:
Thx for the suggestions.