TestBash Brighton Open Space Details

(Rosie) #1

We have about 40 people joining us for the TestBash open space on the Saturday.

The venue IS DIFFERENT from the TestBash Conference. Please don’t show up at the Clarendon Centre!

Open Space Location:
28 Kensington Street

Your hosts will be Paul Holland (Rosie thinks he is amazing) and Richard Bradshaw.

Start time: 10am
End time: 4pm

Lunch will be provided!

(Simon) #2

Thanks for sharing, @rosie! Really looking forward to it.

(Guna) #3

Woah - I will finally see the light house

(Tony) #4

How do you know it’s 40 people? Am I supposed to sign up somewhere?

(Tony) #5

I’ve only just realised the Open space is a paid event.