TestBash Leadership Host Appreciation Thread

TestBash wouldn’t be what it is without our awesome hosts! :clap:

:heart_eyes: Let’s all share our love and appreciation for these incredible humans:


I love, love, love the energy and enthusiasm that Vernon brings into his hosting.


Appreciating all of youuuu!!!

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Richard, thank you so much for supporting me and being the best host I could wish for!


Great to meet/speak with Laveena, I’ve admired her contributions to our testing community and it was great to tell her that ‘in person’…Richard, thanks for everything you do for all of us, not sure you know how much you are appreciated and respected.

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All the hosts have an amazing energy!
And definitely super super Thanks to all the amazing people who were behind this successful event. Much love and appreciation :slight_smile:

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What a fantastic day it was! I really loved Vernon’s voice and enthusiasm. Laveena’s dad jokes brought a smile and a few facepalm situations. It was lovely to chat with Jenna offstage and discuss testing, wrestling and cats. Richard loved all the lively chit-chats throughout the day from your office.

Last but not least, a massive Thank you to Diana! Thanks for all your prompt replies and quick responses. You are a super star :slight_smile: