Big Shout-out to Our Awesome TestBash Spring 2023 Hosts 👏

TestBash conferences wouldn’t be what they are without our awesome hosts! These community leaders are an essential part of the unique community feel that attendees often talk about.

When the world pandemic hit we had to pivot and turn to an online format and so did our hosts. It was no easy task and they nailed it. It’s because of them that our worldwide audience feels ‘that’ community love at our online TestBashes.

Since our first online TestBash — TestBash Home back in 2020 — we’ve been super lucky to continue to work with these beautiful human beings. So I’ve asked the MoT team to give me the first words that come to mind when they think of them, and here are the highlights:

  • @bart_knaack: the Dancer, the Entertainer, the Rockstar! Bart has been hosting our TestBash conferences for quite a few years now, starting in 2017 at TestBash Netherlands. 6 years later and he still has the moves :man_dancing:t5:
  • @gwendiagram: the Positive, the Energy, the Legend! Gwen is originally from Australia, living now in Leeds, UK. Gwen always brings her contagious laugh and her ability to shine a light on others :sunny:
  • @cupcake_tester (Jenna Charlton): the Calm, the Welcoming, the Loveliness! Jenna is from Cleveland, US and they’re the breath of fresh air at our TestBash conferences. Jenna is well known to the community for creating a welcoming space for everyone to figure things out :hugs:
  • @ministryofmischief (Tristan Lombard): the Glamour, the Support, the Driving Force! Tristan, AKA Stage Mom, AKA Ministry of Mischief, lives in the stunning San Francisco, US and our Community-glue. Tristan is an inspirational human being who loves to share love :heart_hands:

I could keep on writing about them… but I wouldn’t do them justice. You have to watch them live at TestBash Spring 2023! Register Now!

:thinking: What about you? Which first words come to mind when you think of them? :thinking:


There is never a dull moment when we have such amazing hosts :purple_heart:

The first thing that comes to mind is entertaining!.

Superstars :star::sparkles::raised_hands:t2:

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The first word that comes to mind when I think of them (especially after having seen them at TestBash Spring) is “gratefulness”
I’m grateful that these wonderful people put in the work at TestBash to make it an amazing experience for the speakers and attendees - and hopefully the organizers as well.

Thank you so much for your hard work and support!

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