TestBash Netherlands 2020 - Do You Want to Participate in The Famous 99-Second Talks?

TestBash Netherlands is only days away and I’m sure you’re already thinking about what you want to talk about in your 99-Second Talk!

So here are a few tips to get you ready to go live with yours at TestBash Netherlands:

:shushing_face: Get yourself set up in a quiet area
:microphone: Test your microphone
:movie_camera: Adjust your camera
:bulb: Check your lighting
:comedian: Put on your TestBash face and it’s lights, camera, action!

Instructions about how to present your 99-Second Talk will be given by Bart live during the day. We won’t be accepting pre-recorded talks, it’s much more TestBash style to do them live!

The 99-Second Talks will be starting on Friday, the 16th of October at 5:00 PM. Check out the schedule to see what else is happening!