Who is doing a 99 Second Talk for TestBash Home?

Who is planning to do a 99-second talk for TestBash Home this year? Remember, you don’t have to fill the full 99 seconds. You can have it as short as you want to or run it right to the buzzer :grin: If you’ve got questions about 99-second talks, add them below :grin:

Do you need inspiration for what you could talk about?
Check out last years instalments


Are there any requirements to do a 99-seconds talk? How can one sign-up?

I’ve done a few presentations on local and internal company meetups, and people always told me I talk to fast - might be handy for a 99-seconds talk! :sweat_smile:

But to be honest, talking fast, for me, is just a side effect of stage fright.


You can sign up live during the conference @mirza :grin: No requirements at all, you can talk about whatever you’d like (work appropriate language though of course :wink: )

Same! I’d timed a 99 second talk one year and managed to deliver it in under a minute :sweat_smile:


I think I will do my first one this year.

I think I’ll have been awake for more than 24 hours by this point, I’m considering penning a terrible 4-chord wonder song cover for mine.

I’m terrible on the guitar and I can’t sing at the best of times, but it’s got to be possible!


I’d love too! And, I’m now all signed up for TBH so need to make this happen.


I may be tempted finally this year. Must be time for a #makeatester update at least…


Maybe after some Dutch courage I will give it a go


Will do too, but not sure what topic to choose :grin:
Maybe the pitch I did l this week about accelerate your learning in 7 min I cut it to 99sec :rofl: or other thing related to testers in rackets and my reflection vs. Blogging


Silly question - in hisorical Test Bash 99s talks I’ve seen people go up twice and do two talks. Are we limited to 1 talk each for TBH? :slight_smile: not that I am greedy… I mean I am… but…


I think it’s easier to do two in person, in saying that Ady did 2 at Home last year! Most folks do one

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Nice, go Ady! Now I definitally need to tidy my room…

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I have too many ideas. Could do 990 seconds easily :expressionless: