TestBash San Francisco 2019: TestBash Bingo

TestBash San Francisco is getting close and we’ve got a LOT of exciting things planned! The folks over in Playstation have sponsored a selection of games across both TestBash days, the first of which is TestBash Bingo.

The first person to get a full house (that’s all squares on the card) on TestBash Bingo gets a ticket to a TestBash of their choice in 2020 :tada: Make sure to Tweet using #TestBashBingo or upload your pictures to the #testbashusa Slack channel on the Ministry of Testing Slack

How does it work?

  • We’ve added some bingo tasks for you to tick off. Make notes from the tasks you complete either on the back (if you print it out), in a private Slack message, a Trello card, whatever works for you :slight_smile:
  • TestBash is a different experience for everyone, we’ve left some blank tasks that you can fill in with your own experience from TestBash. Maybe you met someone who grew up in the same town as you that you’d never met before, maybe you’ve learned a new skill, there is a tonne of things you can add to your card.

To download TestBash Bingo:
TestBash Bingo - SFO 2019.pdf (577.3 KB)

Got questions, ask them here!


Please define “full house”. Does it mean the bingo card needs ALL squares completed or are the free-form ones optional?

All squares must be completed for a full house :slightly_smiling_face:

Where do wet these to fill out ? Do we have to get a print before stepping in ?

We haven’t printed them, you can document it anywhere you like :slightly_smiling_face: